Warmly welcome to the off-road route in Transylvania, Romania! This is one of the last places in Europe where you can still drive off-road and camp in the wild with relative freedom.

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I’ve been traveling to Romania almost every year for nearly 20 years, and it always brings me immense pleasure. The majority of the country is covered by high mountains, offering thrilling off-road driving experiences. And I’m not just talking about the rugged obstacles; it’s also about the stunning views and the friendliness of the people you encounter.

On this website, I invite you to explore the land made famous by the legendary Dracula. But the castles associated with him are just one of the many tourist attractions along the off-road route I’ve developed in Transylvania, Romania.

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You probably know that preparing an off-road expedition route requires a lot of effort and time. But now, you can have it at your fingertips and benefit from my experiences from multiple trips to Romania. In the Offroad Guide, I present the entire route. It is 1397 km long and is divided into 11 daily stages. It starts near the Hungarian-Romanian border, close to the town of Oradea, and loops through Transylvania.

Off-road route in Transylvania, Romania on the map

The route includes castles, palaces, citadels, historic towns, caves, national parks, salt mines, ski resorts, mountain lakes, and two famous roads: Transfăgărășan and Transalpina, both among the highest in Europe.

All stages have been carefully planned so that you don’t drive for more than 6 hours a day. Some stages are shorter, serving as commutes to beautiful places where I recommend taking breaks amidst the stunning surroundings. You can also combine, shorten, or skip stages as needed.

The off-road guide is available online. You will receive an email with a link to download the package of files immediately after purchase.

The package includes a detailed description of the route (PDF file) and 11 KML files (one for each stage) for GPS navigation in the recommended MAPS.ME application. It also includes 11 GPX files (one for each stage) for those using GARMIN devices.

What will you find in the PDF file?

In the general information, I present the requirements for travelers in Italy and France. You will learn what equipment is necessary and what documents you need for the car and crew members. I also describe the rules for using roads and where and how to pay for them. I also provide emergency phone numbers.

You will also find an invitation to participate in the Never Ending Rally.

Never Ending Rally

Join the largest amateur off-road car competition in Europe. The winner is the crew that completes the most of our routes. You can ride whenever you want! More information is available on this website.

In the detailed descriptions of each stage, I inform you about their length, road character and difficulties, restrictions that apply or may occur, and dangers. I present attractions to visit, suggest where to shop, eat, and refuel your car. I indicate campsites for accommodation. I also provide data for making reservations.

How to use GPS navigation files?

You can use GPX files on GARMIN devices. However, I recommend using KML files and the free and very simple MAPS.ME application. It works works online and offline on smartphones, tablets, etc. with Android and iOS systems.

Start by installing this application on your device. Then simply send the KML files by email to the mailbox on the device with MAPS.ME and open them. Android immediately installs the route and it is visible on the screen. The system for Apple mobile devices (iOS) requires opening the file (an incomprehensible text will appear) and clicking on the “share” icon in the upper right corner. On the displayed list, select the Maps.Me program.

The MAPS.ME application is compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto. This means that if you connect your phone to a car radio with a display that supports these systems, your route will also be visible on the car screen.

You will receive detailed instructions in an email after purchase, along with a link to download the files. I provide assistance if needed.

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