This is a cult minivan, highly appreciated by adventurers and off-road travellers all around the globe.

The car has been imported from Taiwan, so it is LHD.

It is equipped with 2.4 litre gasoline engine 112 HP. It has manual gear transmission, with RWD and part time 4WD with high and low speed range. It has been registered in Poland for 5 persons, year of production 1991.

We have performed the full technical examination at our workshop with oil and liquids being replaced.

The car condition is very good, not available for existing cars in EU. The car mileage is only 140000 km!

All import and registration procedures and fees has already been fulfilled and paid. Car is registered and insured. It is reach interior version with manual air-conditioning included.

We can offer it in the existing condition for 17000 EUR (VAT included; 13090 EUR w/- VAT).

However we can offer it little cheaper for the customer who will buy the fully equipped expedition version. We would like to present our L400 expedition car concept after it is done, as a demo for other prospective customers. Some real made car photos and movies shall be the best advertisement, we believe.

See the photos below:

Our expedition service include the following scope of services:

  • maintenance and anti-corrosion protection
  • LPG system
  • WEBASTO interior heating system
  • Winch
  • Hot water system
  • Parking batteries
  • Solar panels
  • Refrigerator
  • Roof rack
  • Roof tent
  • Awning (marquise)
  • Tent shower cabin & WC
  • Expedition interior furniture including sleeping bed inside the car
  • Off-road steps
  • Additional light for travelling and parking
  • Multimedia system including GPS navigation
  • Rear camera
  • 12V/230V converters
  • onboard compressor
  • CB radio
  • hi-lift, belts, ropes, shekels, etc.

Everyone interested please contact either: